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"A wonderful social-emotional learning read for little ones." 

Common Sense Media

"This is a beautiful story, heartwarming, kind, gentle, just like the protagonist, Bibli."  Reader's Favorite

"The Brickleys' sweet and imaginative picture book is the rare title to anthropomorphize a bookshelf. . . seeing Bibli find a way to share his journey with the world will inspire kids to look for the significance of their own stories, as well as recognize those untold narratives in the world around them."

 Booklife by Publisher's Weekly

"Its ability to create a story that eventually answers his question in an unexpected way makes for a tale that provides readers with a gentle message about representation, being true to who you are, and making space for everyone — no matter how different they may seem on the outside — to feel included."

 The Midwest Book Review

Additional Reviews

"The Friendly Bookshelf is a delightful story about the connection between children, stories, and libraries . . . Children reading this book will be excited to go and explore their own library and discover new friends among its shelves." - The Fairview Review

"With sweet illustrations and flowing narration, The Friendly Bookshelf emphasizes the importance of seeing oneself reflected in media. It also gently conveys the impact our actions have on others, providing a natural springboard for conversations about social interactions. A small gesture by Bibli sets off a chain of events that a young audience can trace and relate to real life. This would be great as part of kindergarten unit on friendship or media. And of course it would be very meta to read a bookshelf-a-library book in a library...


The Friendly Bookshelf spreads a positive message of making changes you want to see in your world and is an accessible book for young readers, both in message and language." - Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk

"By writing the first-ever picture book centering around a personified bookshelf, the authors make the point that everyone deserves to have a story of their own, no matter how ordinary or insignificant they may appear to be. While encouraging young readers to be kind, positive and compassionate, the book shows how someone could become the creator of their own story, a story that is worth sharing with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the story inspires us to think outside the box and not to be afraid to be different." - Icefairy's Treasure Chest

"Kids of all ages will like this book, especially ones who visit the library and pull books from the shelves.

- KidsBookBuzz

"A must have for all little readers"

- The Momma Spot

"The Friendly Bookshelf is the perfect story for book lovers raising book lovers. Bibli is a bookshelf that wants to read a book with a story about him. Identity and finding it in things we read is at the front of book sales lately everyone wants to see themselves in the characters they read about in the books they read. They are filled with themes that open discussion among children, such as self-confidence, social-emotional learning, and literacy and literature. The illustrations are stunning, the story fun to read, and the characters easy to like. Bibli learns how to step out of his comfort zone and encourage those shy readers in your life. A perfect addition to any library." - JR's Book Review

"This beautifully illustrated picture book teaches young readers about self-esteem, self-confidence, and empathy for others. While the text and vocabulary are simple enough for young children, its message resonates with any age group. Highly recommended."

- Barbara Ann Mojica

"The Friendly Bookshelf reminds us that no one is too tall or too small, nor too young or too old, to lend a helping hand or make a friend. The world can be a harsh place, but the more kindness, the more friendliness, the more inclusiveness we inject in our every day lives, will go that much further in building a brighter tomorrow for all. So take a page from Bibli’s book, and share a smile today!"

- Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

" Just a quick caution... this book will be one of those books that your littles will shout...Again!

- Mrs. K's Book Reviews

Amazon and Goodreads Reviews

"This story gave me goosebumps!"

"A treasure of a story."

"I absolutely love this story."

"It's such an important book."

"This is a book that should be in every library and school."

"A story of inclusivity that can be shared with children of all ages."

"A book children and adults will enjoy reading over and over."

"In the spirit of classics like Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House and Don Freeman’s Corduroy, this beautifully illustrated tender story reads like a picture book from a different era."

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