The Friendly Bookshelf  Curriculum

"The End" is just the beginning!

The Friendly Bookshelf is a children's picture book centered around a story and characters that children will not only love and find a friend in, but also benefit from long after they close the covers.
Guided by a learning framework created through a collaboration between Blossom (Publisher) and Tech Play Collaborative, The Friendly Bookshelf is thoughtfully written to not just engage and entertain children of all ages, but also inspire meaningful learning and positive childhood development by weaving in important social-emotional themes.

To nurture even greater opportunities for learning and growth, The Friendly Bookshelf will be released alongside a variety of accessible online and offline resources and experiences that have all been created with this research-based framework in mind, including an educational enrichment guide and learning packet that guardians and educators can utilize to allow children to continue engaging with the book far beyond its final page. In this way, our framework aims to ensure all children are able to fully connect what they read to the world around them and benefit from all the story of The Friendly Bookshelf has to offer.