Bibli's Backers
The initial run of The Friendly Bookshelf was made possible through the support of 140 families and individuals from all over the world by preordering through our Kickstarter campaign in June 2021.
We—and Bibli!—cannot thank them enough for helping bring Bibli's stories to shelves all over! Below, please find just a few of Bibli's Backers who helped bring this story to life.

Erin B.
Elizabeth "Biz" Bihn
Ann Halan Brickley
Gregory W. Brock
Robert C Brown
DJ Burch
Kristen Sabrina Cascante
Christine Charlton
Keishia Chun
The Anthill Creative
John Deines
The Deines Family
Ed & Rita Dougherty
Julian Perez Duarte 
Kristina Dunlap
John Edwards
The Humphries Family

Y. Frederick
Brittney Glisson
Gracen Graser

Rachel Gordon and Jared Gordon
Allison Grob
Julia and Will Jenkins
Arielle Joselson
Keepin' Up Wit Press
T.A. Kinde
Taylor Faith Krigsman
Joanna KW
A. M. Lamelza
Ruth MailleLora McClain
Brittany Mbaye
Erica McCay
Bernard Mensah

Ashley Moulton
The Mocz Family
Philip Mocz
Lily Morgan
Charlie Atef Nassar
Julio and Nichole
Alora Nied
Rumeysa Ozturk
Margaret Pace
Stephen Portillo
Emily Purcell
Jessica Pickering
Tia Riva
G Rosen
Michelle Rosquillo
Max & Rebecca Schnaper
Addie Seiler
Emily Serven
Joanie Stone
Miriam Spumpkin
Davina Tijani
Cathy Tran
Annabelle Warminski
Andrew & Owen Wienke
Mariamparo Watanabe
Wausau Mama

Weston Public Library
Edward Wong
Yi-Hsuan, Jasmine, and Yen