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Behind the Story

How Bibli's Story Came to Be!

The Friendly Bookshelf is a story written by award-winning children's book authors (and twin sisters!) Caroline and Katherine Brickley and published by Blossom: an independent children's media company with the mission of growing lifelong readers and empathetic leaders.

In 2014, Caroline and Katherine had a dream: To create children's stories that centered around meaningful themes that children and families could engage with together through a broad range of enriching online and offline story-based content as well as experiences. Only freshmen in college at the time, it was undoubtedly a big dream. But they believed if they had the courage to pursue it, not only could they help nurture lifelong readers, but also children who believed in their ability to grow a better world for everyone. And so, from their shared college dorm room, the company that is now Blossom took root. 


Caroline and Katherine launched Blossom in June of 2017 with the release of their first picture book The Blossom Shoppe: A story about twin sisters, Poppy & Posie Blossom, who bring positive (and colorful!) change to their community by having the courage to let their true colors shine. Since then, The Blossom Shoppe has gone on to win multiple awards for excellence in children's & family media and has been brought to life through music, videos, activities, products, live performance tours, and more for children, families, and educators all around the world.

Learn more about The Blossom Shoppe.

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With Blossom continuing to grow each day, Caroline and Katherine are now setting out to release a new story that they hope will continue to inspire children to grow in meaningful ways: The Friendly Bookshelf.

In late 2019, Caroline and Katherine looked around them and were disheartened to see so many of the children they worked with not feeling like they saw themselves represented in the stories they read in books or saw on TV, and thus found it difficult to be confident in what made them different. This was something both Caroline and Katherine could relate to as well: Growing up in a single-parent household and struggling with unique challenges of their own, they never felt they were ever fully reflected in the media they consumed and could not find the courage to share the unique stories they carried inside themselves. As they sat one day inside their little home library, gazing at the childhood books that inspired them to write books of their own when they grew up, Caroline and Katherine realized that while no one story can represent every child, a story can perhaps do something even more important: Help every child find the confidence to share their unique story with the world and, tell it in the way only they can.  And so the story of a little bookshelf named Bibli who longs to hear a story about a bookshelf like him was born.

The Friendly Bookshelf seeks to inspire children to recognize the importance of the unique stories they carry within themselves and find the courage to share them, for when we do, we make the world a kinder, more inclusive place where everybody – and every bookshelf — belongs!


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