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Meet My Bookshelf Activity

With the help of Cassie, Bibli learned that everybody – and every bookshelf – has a story . . . including your very own bookshelf! The "Meet My Bookshelf" activity allows you to take the story of The Friendly Bookshelf off the page with your family and friends by giving you everything you need to bring your home, classroom, or library bookshelf to LIFE! So what are you waiting for?! Go help your shelf find and share their own special story — just like Bibli! 

Bibli Coloring Sheet

Color in the Friendly Bookshelf him-shelf . . . Bibli! This adorable illustration is just waiting to be colored in with your favorite coloring utensils. For the full Friendly Bookshelf coloring packet, make sure to stop by our store.

Everyone Has a Story Activity

The Friendly Bookshelf is an inspiring story centered around characters children can relate to, find a friend in, and feel seen and accepted by—despite superficial differences. With the Everyone Has a Story activity, the story of The Friendly Bookshelf inspires children to share their story as well as celebrate those of others, helping to create a kinder world where everybody—and every bookshelf—belongs!

Printable SEL Bookmarks

Taken from The Friendly Bookshelf  Learning Packet, these adorable printable bookmarks get children excited about reading AND promote the important SEL themes that are at the heart of Bibli's story. To download the complete learning packet,

stop by our store.

Bibli the Bookshelf: Printable Costume

Have you ever longed to look like the cutest bookshelf around? Well, with our Bibli the Bookshelf Printable Costume kit, your dreams can come true! Truly bring The Friendly Bookshelf to life by dressing up as this teddy bear of a bookshelf for Halloween, Book Character Bay at school, and so much more!