Meet the Authors


Caroline and Katherine Brickley are twin sisters and the award-winning authors of The Blossom Shoppe and The Friendly Bookshelf. Inspired by their mother, who made up stories for them each night, the sisters spent their childhood coming up with stories of their own and bringing them to life. As they grew, so did their passion for storytelling, and in 2017 the sisters made it their full-time job by founding Blossom Children’s Media Group (Blossom) from their shared college dorm room. Now a multi-award-winning company known for excellence in children’s literature and family content, Blossom continues to bring children, families, and educators from around the world together through wholesome stories and inclusive community experiences. In their free time, Caroline and Katherine love to swim, travel, and spend time with friends and family, including their goldendoodle, Sugar, who served as the inspiration for the library dog featured in The Friendly Bookshelf.

Meet the Illustrator

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Daniela Pérez-Duarte, having studied design in Mexico, English in the USA, and illustration in Spain where she now resides, brings an international perspective to the stories she tells through her art. An art aficionado, dog lover, and travel enthusiast, Daniela is always finding new inspiration all around her, and is always looking to bring something new to the table. This time, she is bringing something new to children and families around the world by bringing to life a teddy bear of a bookshelf - Bibli! Illustrating the first book about a bookshelf, Daniela’s art will show little ones that each and every one of us has a story just waiting to be told.

Meet the Rest of the Team


Dr. Laura Zimmermann

Educational Consultant


Ann Brickley

General Manager


Brooke Vitale



Sugar Brickley

Office Pup!